Is frustration, guilt, anger or
fear consuming your Heart?

Hypnotherapy can help you live a motivated,
fulfilled and harmonious life

Do you know that stress is the biggest hindrance
to Heart-full living?

Teach your mind to engage the relaxation response
for balance, harmony and healing

Is a bad habit or present condition clouding your Heart
and leaving you feeling
out of control?

Hypnotherapy can help you be in control
from deep within

Is inner conflict holding you back and
causing doubt in your Heart?

Hypnotherapy can help you
move forward easily and effortlessly
in perfect harmony

Is a destructive or dysfunctional relationship
eating into your Heart?

Get help embracing rewarding
relationships at work, at home
and in romance

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About Hypnotherapy

The art of hypnosis has been effective for thousands of years and has been refined to the version that I and other practitioners now use in the 21st century.

There are no two people in this world who are exactly the same. Each person is unique with their own distinctive meaning and purpose in the world.

How then can we limit ourselves to existing categories or labels? No, we should not.

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Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment.
Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment




Heart of Living:

In our fast-paced life we spend more and more of our precious time on stuff outside of us instead of paying attention to the things within us that truly matter.

We keep ourselves busy, almost as if we are trying to convince ourselves that we are “doing” something important and we just don’t have time to face our fears or invest in our desires.

Constantly faced with a lack of time, we sacrifice time of reflection and connection for mindlessly doing more of what disconnects us from those we love and hold dear, from the community and from ourselves.

We replace being with doing, hoping that one day we will have time and money to do everything we always wanted to do and be happy.

Just like our physical heart pumps life-force through our entire body, our metaphorical Heart gives life to our living by creating purpose, meaning, inspiration, well-being and love.
You may feel as if you have lost touch with your Heart and your life no longer holds life-force. But what it really means is that your Heart is longing to be re-discovered in order to guide you once again towards a much fuller life.

Where is your Heart now?

Our point of power lies only in the Here and Now, not in the past nor the future. We at Heart of Living guide you to rediscover, heal and nurture Heart in your journey of living a more harmonious, enriched and wholesome life and well-being.

We do this by using tools such as:

  • Hypnosis
  • Mindfulness Meditation/Mindfulness
  • NLP and various other techniques
  • Insights and awareness gained through years of exercising the art of living

With our deep conviction that all of us have all the resources we need to bring about the change we want, we gently invite you when you are ready to embark on a journey of transformation from within towards your vision.

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