Is frustration, guilt, anger or
fear consuming your Heart?

Hypnotherapy can help you live a motivated,
fulfilled and harmonious life

Do you know that stress is the biggest hindrance
to Heart-full living?

Teach your mind to engage the relaxation response
for balance, harmony and healing

Is a bad habit or present condition clouding your Heart
and leaving you feeling
out of control?

Hypnotherapy can help you be in control
from deep within

Is inner conflict holding you back and
causing doubt in your Heart?

Hypnotherapy can help you
move forward easily and effortlessly
in perfect harmony

Is a destructive or dysfunctional relationship
eating into your Heart?

Get help embracing rewarding
relationships at work, at home
and in romance

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Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment.
Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment



Shizu's Blog Vol.14: Strong in the Rain, Strong in the Wind...

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I have quite a few poems which have left gentle yet lasting impressions on who I am today. Knowing what I know now which I didn’t know then, the meaning I derive from these poems has changed substantially over years. As to the meaning of each poem, I would like to remind you that nothing in this world has a pre-determined meaning. It’s only us who attach a subjective meaning to everything and every event and feel and react in a certain way towards them simply because of the meaning we consciously and unconsciously choose to attach to them. With that in mind, enjoy reading this classic and famous poem written by Kenji Miyazawa.


Read more: Shizu's Blog Vol.14: Strong in the Rain, Strong in the Wind...

Shizu's Blog Vol.13: The Trap of Disempowerment in the “Healing” Industry

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I consider myself an empowerment specialist.

I am deeply spiritual and believe that there are few people who are genuinely and effortlessly capable of sensing beyond boundaries of realms without any conscious attempts. I believe my grandmother is one of those truly gifted souls. Yet I am highly sceptical about so called “spiritual practices” rampant in today’s “healing” industry, which motivated me to write this blog article.

Read more: Shizu's Blog Vol.13: The Trap of Disempowerment in the “Healing” Industry

Shizu's Blog Vol.11: Mindful Living (4) - Reclaiming Life Right Where You Are in Life

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Many people cite "Feeling free" or "Being free" as one of the top reasons why they enjoy traveling or joining/doing out-of-the-ordinary experiences. But have you thought about the majority of our lifetime when we lead a rather "ordinary" life? Most of us just work and survive each day just to wait for a holiday where we can literally get out of our daily space.

Read more: Shizu's Blog Vol.11: Mindful Living (4) - Reclaiming Life Right Where You Are in Life

Shizu's Blog Vol.10: Mindful Living (3) - Craze for Purpose and Meaning of Life

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We are creatures who desire to find meaning in our seemingly short and insignificant lives. From the moment of birth, death is inevitable and we become more and more conscious of it as we grow older and live through more and more of life's experiences regardless of our personal choice.

Read more: Shizu's Blog Vol.10: Mindful Living (3) - Craze for Purpose and Meaning of Life

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