Is frustration, guilt, anger or
fear consuming your Heart?

Hypnotherapy can help you live a motivated,
fulfilled and harmonious life

Do you know that stress is the biggest hindrance
to Heart-full living?

Teach your mind to engage the relaxation response
for balance, harmony and healing

Is a bad habit or present condition clouding your Heart
and leaving you feeling
out of control?

Hypnotherapy can help you be in control
from deep within

Is inner conflict holding you back and
causing doubt in your Heart?

Hypnotherapy can help you
move forward easily and effortlessly
in perfect harmony

Is a destructive or dysfunctional relationship
eating into your Heart?

Get help embracing rewarding
relationships at work, at home
and in romance

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About Hypnotherapy

The art of hypnosis has been effective for thousands of years and has been refined to the version that I and other practitioners now use in the 21st century.

There are no two people in this world who are exactly the same. Each person is unique with their own distinctive meaning and purpose in the world.

How then can we limit ourselves to existing categories or labels? No, we should not.

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Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment.
Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment



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I have had four sessions with Shizu. In each one we managed to cover four very different subjects though somehow woven together. I came out feeling that now had the tools to work with. She is both a practical person but also a deep and spiritual soul. The techniques I have now used are planted in my mind. This is hypnotherapy in its very essence. Positive and in my mind most proven of methods in healing which I've had to use over critical periods of my life. Shizu has rekindled a healing fire inside I thought was lost. This with extreme gratitude.
---Soul journey session--- I just want to thank you for the session today. It was of great value to me and I am still getting more information as the day is progressing. I loved your gentle approach and your intuition on when to talk and when to let me carry on by myself. I will definitely contact you soon as there was more to learn and more messages that I need to get. Your guidance was critical to these messages.
After many years of failed attempts to stop smoking, I decided to try hypnosis for the first time, and am enormously grateful that an internet search led me to Shizuko at Heart of Living. She has the perfect reassuring blend of warmth and professionalism, and I felt at ease immediately upon meeting her. After filling in an in-depth questionnaire, and discussing at length my twenty-odd year smoking habit, Shizuko took me through a guided hypnosis session.

Within minutes of the start of the hypnosis, we were able to identify the real unconscious reasons behind the fact that I was finding it so hard to stop smoking. It was a deeply emotional experience, which not only helped me to stop smoking, but also helped me to think in a new way about some underlying trauma from my past.

I have not smoked a cigarette since that session, and I feel the benefits of not smoking every day. I cannot recommend Shizuko highly enough. She truly is a miracle worker.
As a fairly skeptical person, I wasn't certain what to expect undergoing Hypnosis. Shizuko very calmly sets one at ease during the initial consultation so that you aren't constantly distracted by questions of "Is this an authentic experience or not? Am I doing it right?"

Shizuko spends a significant amount of time to get to know you as a person and her desire to solve problems (rather than vague scratching around) that the client comes really impressed me. She is really interested in helping her clients and if your problem is purely mental, as was mine, then hypnosis can be a powerful method to begin working towards solving the issue.

I had suffered from insomnia significantly for years, and with Shizuko's help I was able to begin to reduce my sleeping tablet dosage without any noticeable difference - and I'm confident I can reduce it to nothing.

I highly recommend Shizuko as a hypnotherapist for her kind, professional, and highly competent services.
----------------Group hypnosis testimonial-----------------
I often feel as though relaxation is a bit of a luxury for me, although I know it doesn't have to be that way. Still, somehow, I allow relaxation to elude me. Shizuko's Relaxation & Empowerment session made me realize that it is actually quite simple, but also essential, that we learn to let go. People may be wary of hypnotherapy because they fear that they will lose control entirely and say or do things that they don't want to say or do, but I didn't feel that way at all. I just felt safe and deliciously relaxed throughout the session.
----------------Group hypnosis testimonial-----------------
My first experience with hypnotherapy was guided by Shizu Naruse-Claassens at an open day during a group session. I was quite nervous at first as I had never tried anything like it before, and also that I was attending on my own, but was soon made to feel right at ease and ‘part of the family’. Shizu’s session on Relaxation and Self-Empowerment really opened my eyes to the possibilities of hypnotherapy and the power we have within ourselves to make positive changes to our lives. Her expert guidance during the session made me feel quite safe and secure and Shizu’s welcoming, warm energy allowed me to really experience this form of therapy with an open mind and heart and I can highly recommend the experience for any ‘first timers’ that may be feeling nervous or uncertain of what to expect.
I highly recommend the hypnotherapy services of Shizu Naruse-Claassens. I found that the journey of hypnotherapy requires a bit of bravery on the side of the client, in order to stay open and honest with ones’ self about the issues that surface during a hypnotherapy session. Shizu really helps in this regard by creating a safe and caring atmosphere. She gently and consistently guided me through the various parts of my hypnosis and I emerged feeling calm and having a deeper understanding of myself. I believe that hypnotherapy is a very effective and relatively quick way of dealing with deep seated issues, like my food addiction and all other addictions, childhood issues, trauma and a host of other problems.

I urge you to try it, what have you got to lose?
Shizu really helped me to kick my former smoking addiction for good. Once she helped me to get my subconscious mind’s power, to effortlessly get over the initial physical withdrawal symptoms was a breeze! I never knew it could be this easy!
I had a consultation with Shizu for the first time when I had a relationship problem with my partner. After talking with Shizu, in fact I found myself unbelievably feeling better and having a much clearer vision. It was as if all the fog lying in front of me has faded away and a road showing which way to go has suddenly appeared. The wonderful skill of Shizu, I think, is her wording. She listened carefully to my confused and scattered feelings, but she herself also talked. Her wording was rich in expression as well as professional. Through the dialogue, I felt my mind filtered out the impurities little by little and finally only a pure feeling remained. It was an amazing experience. Shizu has a true skill to soothe people's minds.
"I went to Shizu after meeting her at a networking breakfast. She has a wonderful energy and makes you feel immediately comfortable and at ease. I strongly recommend Shizu for anyone that is needing to change something in their lives using Hypnotherapy - she is the only person I have ever felt confident enough to do this with. Thank you Shizu"
I used to let my fear and pain practically consume me to a point where I wished I did not exist. You had given me the opportunity to bridge the gap between the known and suppressed to the point where everything is understood and I stop having the feeling of constant dread or self-doubt. Thank you... Thank you beyond any words can express. I know what you will say, that it was not you but without your guidance and help I would have never known how it would feel to find solace in a brutal past and to know how to find hope again and a new love and lease for this life. Now all I want is to be all that I can be and do all that I ever wanted, not only for myself but for everyone around me, my Mother who deserves so much more in life. How hope builds in my life everyday since then is miraculous and a blessing. I see life with renewed eyes.
Thank you so much you helped me to realise my own self-worth
I found a new job that promises to be a great career choice rather than a job! Can't thank you enough for your help in allowing me to realise my potential, believe in myself and take control. I've definitely started to change my life for the better!

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